AEAlogo3By Jeff Stewart, CCIM

Welcome to the first blog for the Austin Executives Association. We hope you will find future blogs on this site to be timely and informative. The Austin Executives Association (AEA) is one of the oldest business referral groups in the city of Austin, having been formed in the mid 1970′s. To describe AEA as a leads group, however, would be to miss the intangibles which make the organization so special. Our members feel strongly that our unified effort to help and support each other personally and professionally sets us apart. The synergy of like-minded business people offers benefits that have kept members closely involved for many years.

The Austin Executives Association membership provides exclusivity, that is to say that members are non-competing. Currently our members are largely the type of business people one might expect, such as a: CPA, travel agent, Realtor, business broker, homebuilder, and mortgage broker. Yet we have also had professional speakers, authors, business trainers, and architects, for example. Our members develop close personal friendships that extend far beyond the business world.

The Austin Executives Association meets most Wednesdays (we do not meet on the first Wednesday of the month) at the centrally located Westwood Country Club. We have weekly speakers who are community leaders and or experts in fields that our members find beneficial. Dues essentially cover the cost of meals, which superbly prepared by the country club chefs.

At the time of this writing, AEA has several open membership slots. Our website,, provides information on our current members and how prospective members can inquire about joining. The website is a perfect referral resource for newcomers to Austin, as well as established business people looking for trusted professionals.

Our goal with this blog is two-fold: first, the reader will hopefully be able to read direct accounts from members of how AEA has benefited them professionally and personally. Second, we plan for our members to share their professional expertise regarding current issues in Austin and Central Texas. We hope you will book-mark this site and come to regard it as a valuable resource.

In closing, we wish to invite prospective members to check us out and explore the possibilities of benefitting from joining forces with this great group of people! Come to a meeting and learn firsthand what has made this one of the most successful business organizations in the city.

Jeff Stewart, CCIM Stanberry Commercial, Realtors
Past President Austin Executives Association