John Fincher 200by John Fincher, CBI, BCB

In looking back over more than a decade as a member of AEA, I can clearly see a long list of economic benefits, but more important to me has been the relationships and trust established amongst the members of this organization. I believe we have all found that when we know, like and trust a person, the referrals just naturally come. This does not happen overnight and requires patience and persistence, but isn’t that the way most sales happen? AEA is too good of an organization to keep a secret, so hopefully blogs such as this will help us to get the word out. The more members we have the more we will all benefit one another.

AEA is not just another leads group. Here’s an example of why I say that. When one of our members had a serious condition that meant he was unable to fly home from his trip to a convention in Colorado, one of our members took time off from his business, flew to Colorado and drove the member and his wife back to Austin. To sum up the difference, the AEA members truly care about one another and are there to celebrate the victories, mourn the defeats and lend a helping hand whenever necessary.

Another example of this was that one of our members was struggling in their business. A team of AEA members met with the business owner and developed an action plan to grow and prosper the business. I am happy to report that the business owner recently credited new found energy and direction from the help of fellow AEA members.

While the friendships and helpful caring are so important, I must also tout the economic benefits obtained not only from referrals from AEA members but also having met a vast number of very important city and business leaders in our community who have been guest speakers to AEA. After one of our guest speakers spoke, he approached me after learning during our introductions that I help entrepreneurs sell their companies. He mentioned that his father owned a business and was of the age to sell and retire. He asked if I could help him. Ninety days later I had sold that business and reaped another huge economic benefit as a member of AEA.

I make a plea to prospective members reading this blog. We want to learn all about you and you to learn all about us and for you to become part of this incredible group so that we can contribute to your success.

John R. Fincher, CBI, BCB