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I, by submitting this application to the AEA Membership Committee, hereby evidence my desire to become a member of AEA. I am prepared to appear before the committee and/or General Membership to answer any questions about myself and my business. I have read the Bylaws of AEA and agree to abide by such laws. I fully understand that the "Member" (whether Individual or Business) is responsible for the quarterly payment of dues and for regular and active attendance as required by the Bylaws. I understand that any one member in good standing may object, for any reason, to my application and that such objection being filed, either formally or informally, with the Board of Directors can prohibit my application from being approved. I further understand that I may not have the opportunity to know the nature of or respond to such objection and hold the Board of Directors and general membership harmless for any such objections.


Once your application has been verbally accepted by our membership chairman or other officer, please mail (or bring to the first meeting you attend) a copy of your application signed by the person/business contact responsible for payment, along with your non-refundable application fee of $100. Once you have been accepted as an AEA member, you are responsible for paying whether or not you attend the meetings. Your responsibility for payment will end ONLY after a current Board member has received your intention to resign in writing and your account is up-to-date. You may also mail your resignation letter to AEA, P.O. Box 50417, Austin, TX 78763-0417

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